Ordering Info

Hello! Welcome to Queen Bee Boutique! Below is some information on how ordering works! 

  1. All tees on our website are made to order after our “ready to ship” stock is sold out. 
  2. Production time on all regular tees range from 1 business day to 14 business days. Production time is listed in the description of each page!
  3. Preorder tees usually have a longer production time because these are shipped from our sister distribution center.
  4. Distressed tees have a longer production time due to the distress process. They need extra love & care during production!
  5. Discontinued tees are rereleased throughout the year, but if you have a request to order, email us at support@shopqueenbeeboutique.com
  6. Please note that all preorders & regular orders are processed and shipped separately depending on production time listed on the description.
  • Oily Blends
  1. All Oily Blend products ship from a separate distribution center.
  2. Any clothing placed with Oily Blend products may ship separately from your clothing order depending on the production time listed in the description.
  3. Oily Blend products are all natural and handmade. PLEASE read the description before ordering to insure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients  in Oily Blends products.
  • Facebook Ordering Group - Queen Bees 🐝 
  1. If you are a member of our Facebook Group, Queen Bees 🐝, exclusive deals and limited edition releases are posted to order in the group
  2. Members of Queen Bees score extra discounts for joining our group.
  3. Join our group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/2022287311354381/?ref=share
  • Royalty Points Program


  1. Earn points for every dollar spent by signing up for our Royalty Points Program.
  2. Sign up by clicking the crown icon on the right bottom corner of our page if you are on a mobile device. This will be located on the scroll bar if you are using a desktop.
  3. Instantly earn points and you are rewarded with discount codes! 

If you have any questions about ordering, feel free to email us at support@shopqueenbeeboutique.com or message us on any social media platform!